Gan Israel Divisions

1812.JPGCampers at Gan Israel are divided into age groups for individualized attention and supervision. This also allows us to gear each trip for the appropriate age group. An average group consists of 8 to 12 campers who work together as a team, learning the value of friendship and unity.



Sabra Division for children entering grades K-5. The three groups in this division participate in a variety of activities, sports, trips, art, Judaic studies, drama and much more. Some activities include all three groups, others are geared for specific ages within the division.

Pioneer Division (CIT) for children entering grades 6-8. The CIT, or Counselor in Training group, has its own activities and trips, in addition to those offered to the rest of camp. Such trips include go-karts, Shabbaton sleep over, late night programs, Ultrazone, and King's Dominion. The program also includes working with counselors and younger children, giving them the opportunity to learn counseling skills. All CIT's are under the guidance of the camp staff.